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World Record Bass Fishing
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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Manabu Kurita's First Seminar

Manabu Kurita helld his first seminar since being declared the new world record largemouth bass holder by the IGFA this week. It was held in Japan and sponsored by The Lure shop Andou.

Manabu said he was nervous but he was received very well by the people there and they were very attentive and serious and interested in what he had to say.

Mr.Maeda, Deps's Pro Guide and Mr. Go also a Giant bass hunter performed together.

They held a raffle and gave away a lot of prizes and people took pictures of the new world record bass and handled Manabu Kurita's tackle that he uses.

Manabu wishes to thank everyone who came and were involved with his first seminar.


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