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What Is A Trophy?

By Dan O'Sullivan

Ten-pound largemouths, 6-pound smallmouths, 5-pound spotted bass — trophies?

Californians, Texans and Floridians make every cast with the knowledge that it might produce a double-digit largemouth. Anglers on Dale Hollow in Kentucky and Tennessee, Lake Pardee in northern California and those who frequent Pickwick in Alabama or Lake Erie, know a 6-pound smallmouth could come at any time. Enthusiasts in California, Alabama and a few other states know that a 5-pound spotted bass lurks around every corner.

For some anglers, the thought of eclipsing those marks on their local fisheries may be nothing more than a pipe dream. While the standards above will likely remain the standards for judging what categorizes trophy bass on a national scale, anglers can take pride in catching much smaller specimens.

When we examine the world records of each of those three main species, a trophy bass (by most standards) tips the scales at around half the body weight of the largest specimens on record.

In the case of Manubu Kurita's record tying 22.3106-pound largemouth, a 10-pounder would be roughly 45 percent of that specimen. For David Hayes' 11.9375-pound smallmouth, a six-pounder would be just over 51-percent of that size. When comparing the size of a 5-pound spotted bass to Bryan Shishido's record 10.2500-pound world record, the difference is also slightly higher than 51 percent.

That said, anglers across the country should look at the state in which they do their angling, and recognize the size differences in chasing trophy bass. For example, while the state record largemouth in Georgia is George Perry's all-tackle world record (22-4), the state record in Wyoming is a 7-14. To compare these two catches is unfair.

The same can be said for Smallmouth bass in Delaware, where the state record weighed 4.9688. And the smallest state record spotted bass was Virginia's 3-10.

Giant bass can become an addiction that keeps anglers awake at night and drives them from a warm bed before dawn. Some sleep in their trucks to be the first person to get to the rental boats at small San Diego lakes, while others brave blizzard-like conditions to pursue huge bronzebacks.

The truth is big bass hunting is what we make of it. Everyone wants the chance at a truly giant bass, and some pay healthy sums of money to chase them at destinations across the country, even outside our borders.

The saying "a bass is a bass" is commonly used amongst tournament anglers to describe the seasonal migrations of bass on tournament lakes across the country, and it can apply to big bass as well. Whether you are an angler in pursuit of a 20-pound largemouth in California or an 8-pounder in Wyoming, the pursuit is similar.

The tactics of trophy anglers may be used (often with minor modifications) almost anywhere. After all, a big bass is a big bass, regardless of its pounds and ounces. Check out's list of state records for the area you fish.

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n August, WFN: World Fishing Network’s announcement of Manabu Kurita’s fish being for sale hit the airways. The internet chatter generated over what a world record mount would command was immense. Much has emerged around offers and interest since the first announcement.

There have been inquiries domestically and abroad. Some offers have come from very private entities, while others have been fairly transparent with several legitimate offers.

Manabu’s passion is unprecedented. His quest can only be understood by other trophy hunters. In some ways, a trophy hunter’s trek of sacrifice is greater than even the tournament angler. Record seekers have to fish under less controls and wide spread variables. They are forced to make time sacrifices not based on pre-fishing or tournament clock. In trophy fishing you’re victim to opportunity; you have to make yourself available at any given moment.
Any Offers?

Confidential offers from a private company surfaced. Their interest was strictly to purchase the mount with no other explanation. Another company offer surfaced from a high ranking tech company. The CEO’s interest was to purchase the mount and make it available to the industry via a promoter. What’s the catch? Nothing. The CEO was willing to do it for free… no cost to the exhibitor.

The powerful camp of Johnny Morris, Bass Pro Shops made several offers. An interesting perspective Bass Pro Shops claimed was the additional cost necessary to promote such a fish would exceed $200,000.00. Bass Pro Shops was also willing to tour Manabu as part of the offer.

A more impressive offer came from the owner of Legend Boats. Legend has taken their boat line from humble beginnings to quality custom boats recognized for their rough water handling.

Legend noted their interest in Manabu’s bass coincided with the increasing number of Japanese bass anglers inquirying about their boat. Although the specifics of the offer cannot be disclosed, it was a considerable package with residual benefits that would make any elite angler’s mouth water.
Good News

Manabu has finally selected a company. The disclosure of the well known entity remains confidential for a couple of months. What we can tell you… it is “big”.

What are folks saying about Manabu?

David Swendseid, the assigned associate to organize offers regarding Manabu’s mount, is the known product specialist for Jackall Lures and Toray fishing line in the US. Swendseid was responsible for helping Toray’s fluorocarbon and braid hit notoriety among professional anglers. He is also the specialist responsible for helping Jackall Lures grow expeditiously in the US. “We are all part of a sobering and historical experience,” Swendseid explains. “The gravity of what Manabu has accomplished cannot be readily assimilated. Trophy hunters specifically committed to chasing the world record have quietly pursued their dream, far from notoriety. In California, there have been as many as 20-30 very accomplished trophy anglers who hunt or have hunted the elusive world record. Several of them nearly broke the weight barrier, but the world record continued to stand for nearly 80 years. That’s amazing!”

Mr. Kuroye, President of Blackwater International Inc., imports Toray fluorocarbon to North America. Manabu is not sponsored by Toray, but it was the line that he used to catch his two records. Mr. Kuroye believes, “It’s no accident that Manabu has two fish records (a world record and all Japan record). Manabu may be the greatest trophy hunter in the world and I promise you he is not finished hunting. In Japan, he is known as the Maniac World Record Hunter and we wish him well”.

Allison Perry, the grand-daughter of World Record Holder, George Perry, had this to say: “Though I can no longer say that the current World Record is a part of my family heritage and the history of my nation, my hope is that Manabu’s fish will only add to the legend of the largemouth.

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Trophy Bass Fishing Videos and Tips


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Steve was the owner of a bass fishing guide service in Wilmington, Delaware, Anglers Radio, and Delaware Tackle, a high end wholesale and retail bass fishing tackle store. He was a tournament angler, bass fishing guide, and freelance outdoor writer. He has over 45 years of total fishing experience with 10 years of experience being in California. He fished local tournaments in Delaware and Maryland and on the Redman Trail before it became the BFL, (part of the FLW tour), until 2005.

He competed in and won the Delaware State Sportfishing Tournament multiple times and registered two species that were just a few ounces shy of the state record, one of which was a largemouth bass caught in 1999 and registered in the Bassmaster Lunker Club at 10.16 pounds, just 5 ounces off the Delaware State Record. This bass also appeared in a feature article by the "News Journal" (Gannett Publications), and in all of Bass Pro Shops and Redhead Master catalogs for 2003.

He has worked with Operation Bass in assisting with Red Man Tournaments before they were the BFL, and competed in and won, several different tournaments both local, regional, and national. He is the 1998 Big Bass World Champ/De. He has been published by numerous magazines, including Bass'n, Bassmaster, North American Fisherman, and "THE FISHERMAN". He was a featured writer for "Big Fish Tackle" and "Delaware Valley Outdoors" radio and tv, as well as numerous other sites on the web. He appeared with his brother on several local tv shows produced by "Delaware Valley Outdoors".

He was profiled for fishing achievements in the "News Journal," and by the "Middletown Transcript" in 2001. He is also a contributor the the "N.A.F.C." series of hardback books, and is currently in the process of publishing his own book, "Bass Fishing The Northeast". He produced bass fishing videos featuring the Potomac and Sassafras rivers.

He was interviewed for an article on "Fishing Opportunites in Delaware" by Delaware Today magazine, which appeared in the May 2006 issue. Steve was inducted into the N.A.F.C. "Hall of Fame" in June 2003, and was a regular guest on radio talk shows, such as Alex Langers, "Outdoors This Week", and produced and appeared on his own radio show for many years called "Beyond Bass Basics" on Anglers Radio.



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